Nick and Bones

Nick and bones

lying in your smoke

find the comfort of a lie

its all soft and its all foam

but what’s blurred under your bones?

like the king of your cage

the more friends you make you break

only inside you is your royal mate

please shake off that heavy cape

Nick and bones

we love you and we don’t

a too familiar yellowed smile

a bit delirious

and it no longer shines

Nick and bones

loosen up your chains

you know none of us is free from pain

sometimes though you feel a sparkle coming through

like a lost haze of smoke you can’t inhale

makes you feel so slick and real

that you linger in it

and more

oh if only it could prevail

we all know it isn’t lost and it isn’t frail

crack the vague walls open with your smile

we are here to burn your lies

Nick and bones

maybe one day you will show

the dazzling blonde boy shy

you’ll be nick and bows

as if fear never pierced your eyes

Gloria Rossipoem